Requirements and Guidelines

The requirements and guidelines below apply to all Air Northwest members upon acceptance into the network.

1. Terms and Conditions

Information provided on this Application is true and correct to the best of Applicant's knowledge at the time such statements were made. If your application to participate in Air Northwest is approved, you will receive a welcome kit via email to the primary contact listed on your application form. As a member of Air Northwest (an Air Ally), you have an ongoing obligation to update Air Northwest team of any change to the information that you have provided on this application.

Applicant agrees that Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), regional utilities, public benefits administrators, and Lockheed Martin Corporation (the "Identified Entities") are not endorsing Applicant or endorsing or warranting any equipment sold or installation completed by Applicant. Under no circumstances shall the Identified Entities be liable to Applicant or any third party for any direct or indirect losses, costs or damages arising from Applicant's participation in Air Northwest or related to any equipment or installation of energy efficient HVAC projects, and Applicant specifically indemnifies the Identified Entities therefrom. Applicant is and agrees to represent itself as an independent contractor or business and at no time will Applicant represent itself as an agent or representative of any of the Identified Entities.

Applicant shall comply with all laws and maintains all appropriate licenses and certifications for the work they are performing and is solely liable for its noncompliance with said laws, licenses, and certifications.

1.1 Purpose
Air Northwest is a preferred membership network for HVAC contractors, distributors, manufacturers, and other regional stakeholders who are committed to the distribution, installation, servicing, and promotion of high quality energy efficient HVAC technologies throughout BPA's service territory. Air Northwest members are able to influence the equipment selection of commercial customers throughout BPA's service area by promoting utility program rebates and incentives.

2. Participation Criteria

Membership Membership in Air Northwest is considered a privilege. Examples of benefits could include, but are not limited to educational opportunities, newsletters, sales tools, improved market visibility, and personalized resources. If approved, Air Northwest membership shall become effective on the date of LMs approval of their application and will continue in effect for as long as Air Northwest exists provided that an Air Allies membership may be terminated at any time by either party. Each Air Northwest membership will be reviewed annually for compliance with all requirements and terms and conditions to determine the Air Allies level of participation. All Air Allies must attend a refresher orientation or other Air Ally sponsored training at least once annually.

2.1.1. Orientation Training
A firm interested in joining Air Northwest must view the "Introduction to Air Northwest" presentation. This presentation is accessible from the Air Northwest website, sent to a firm via email, or presented in person by an HVAC Specialist. Once the interested member has watched the introduction presentation and understands the mission of Air Northwest, benefits, and membership expectations, they will have the opportunity to complete this Membership Application Form.

2.2.2. Completed Application
Fully complete this Membership Application Form and return it to the Air Northwest office via online form, email, fax or mail. Please include a .jpg, .tiff, or .png file of your company logo if you are submitting via email.

2.2.3. Application Review
As part of the application review, Air Northwest will use the following criteria to determine if a contractor is eligible to join:

  • Contractors must conduct at least 10% of their business in the commercial and/or industrial sector
  • Contractors must hold at least one of the certifications listed on the application form (NATE, PTCS, HERS, BPI).
  • If an applicant checks all of the boxes in the regions served or services offered section, LM will conduct additional vetting with the applicant to try to determine where the firm has actually completed work.

2.2.4. Application Approval
When approved, the HVAC Specialist will send an approval email to the applicant that includes attachments of a membership certificate, "Welcome to Air Northwest" presentation, a membership badge, and a personalized Incentive Resource Guide. This email confirms that the firm has been accepted and is now a member of Air Northwest. If denied, the HVAC Specialist will send a denial letter to the applicant. Reasons why an applicant would be denied include:

  1. They serve an area that is outside of BPA territory.
  2. Their application was missing information and remained stagnant for over 45 days.

3. Membership Responsibilities

Air Northwest Air Allies shall:

  • Meet all membership requirements as described in Section 1 and 2.
  • Make an ongoing commitment to provide exceptional service to utilities and end-use customers.
  • Provide Identified Entities with information about energy efficiency projects as requested.
  • Maintain all licenses, permits, authorizations, consents, or approvals of all appropriate governmental authorities and all public or private boards and bodies necessary to legally perform work.
  • Represent truthfully and clearly the Air Allies qualifications and capabilities to perform services.
  • Not make misleading or exaggerated claims as to the level of energy cost savings that can be expected from the services provided.
  • Agree to represent its business in an ethical, professional manner as an independent contractor and at no time will it represent its business as an agent or representative of BPA or a utility. The Air Ally will act as an independent contractor to provide services to its customers, and no employee of the Air Allies company will be considered, for any purpose, to be an employee, agent, or representative of BPA or a utility. Any contracts between the Air Ally and its customers or any third parties shall clearly and conspicuously express that no agency relationship exists between BPA, utilities, and Air Northwest.
  • Comply with the utilities energy efficiency program rules as defined in the utility rebate application(s).
  • Interact with the Air Northwest program staff in-person at least once annually.

4. Performance Improvement Plan
Any Air Ally that does not follow the Air Northwest, BPA, or utility guidelines, provides poor customer service, misrepresents energy savings, or submits numerous projects that do not qualify will be placed on a performance improvement plan. Either party may terminate membership with Air Northwest at any time without cause.