Air NorthWest FAQ

Why don't I see my company in your contractor lookup tool?

In order to be listed on our website, you need to be an Air Ally. To become an Air Ally, fill out the application form and once you are approved by Air Northwest staff, you will be added to our Air Ally directory. If you have questions about the process, contact us at

Who gets the incentive payment? Do I, the contractor, get it or does my customer get it?

Many utilities will allow the incentive to go directly to you, the contractor. This helps with the sale by requiring the end-use customer to pay less money out of pocket. Make sure to always work with the local utility to understand its policy. 

What are Qualified Products Lists, and how do they apply to my project?

A Qualified Products List (QPL) is a list of products that meet the specifications and requirements for incentive qualification. If you are installing a connected thermostat, ductless heat pump, or advanced rooftop-unit control, you need to consult the QPL in order to determine which products qualify for incentives. 

What if I want to install a connected thermostat, ductless heat pump, or advanced rooftop-unit control that is not on the QPL? Can I still use it?

Utilities prefer that your thermostat and controls equipment is listed on the QPL. If you feel that you have a product that meets the requirements and specifications but is not listed, reach out to Air Northwest or BPA staff to see if the product can be added to the list. Product review and placement on the list (if the product complies) is completed within 30 days of the original request. 

I want to install equipment that isn't included in the Prescriptive Measures, who can help me find incentives?

If your equipment isn't included in the Prescriptive Measures, or if you want to pursue a more complex project, the custom project path may be for you. Air Northwest staff and your local utility, as well as BPA support staff, are here to help you find applicable incentives.

What does conditioned space really mean?

A conditioned space is an enclosed space within a building that is cooled or heated by a cooling or heating system. When it comes to commercial buildings and conditioned spaces, some equipment, like ductless heat pumps, are fairly flexible. Depending on the situation, you can have one ductless heat pump serve multiple offices or spaces or you can have one big space that requires multiple ductless heat pumps. Install what is required to serve the space, so long as existing conditions are met. 

The advanced rooftop-unit control (ARC) incentive requires an existing RTU greater than 5 tons. Does that include 5-ton units as well?

Yes, units 5 tons or greater are eligible for the ARC incentive. The existing RTU must also be packaged unitary equipment and have a constant-speed supply fan. 

Can I combine incentives for a project?

Yes! We recommend in certain cases, for example with connected thermostat and advanced rooftop-unit controls, that you install those technologies together. Installing those technologies together saves your customers energy and allows them to get two incentives!