Optimize Energy Use this Holiday Season

Posted By AirNW Admin Dec 14 2017


Are you working with a commercial building that has regular schedules set well in advance? Does the facility have a consistent load throughout the work week? A connected thermostat can help control temperatures and significantly reduce energy usage in commercial buildings. 

Connected Thermostat programming enables more accurate matching of HVAC operation with actual building occupancy. Connected thermostats control the HVAC system in order to maintain zone temperatures via the internet, allowing remote access to control building temperatures. Programming allows you to preschedule setback temperatures for evenings and upcoming holiday hours, while ensuring desired temperatures are maintained during occupied hours.

Other benefits:

-simple programming
-automatic updates
-Web-based monitoring and alerts
-reduced energy costs

Your utility may offer up to $200 per thermostat, and a typical project payback with incentives is about two to three years. View the Qualified Products List here. Choosing a thermostat is half the battle, the other half is installing and maintaining that system. In order to make every installation the best one, below are some installation tips to keep in mind.

Installation Tips

-Ensure that the new connected thermostat will interact with existing HVAC systems.
-Place the thermostat away from heating/cooling equipment like indoor ductless heat pump heads. Locate the unit on an interior wall away from direct sunlight, drafts, doorways, skylights and windows. 
-Don’t forget to program the thermostat. If you are an installer, consult with the building occupant about building and employee schedules in order to pre-program the thermostat. Programming saves the owner money on heating and cooling costs.  
-Take the time and explain to the occupant how the thermostat works and how more energy is used if override functions are being used excessively.

If you have more questions, please contact the Air Northwest team at info@airnorthwesthvac.com or find a qualified Air Ally.