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HVAC Project Life-cycle

May 25 2018Business DevelopmentNewsTechnology

The future of drones and HVAC technology

May 17 2018Business DevelopmentNewsTechnology

What is the worst part about inspecting roof-top HVAC units? Getting to the unit, of course! From the hassle of hauling tools up flights of stairs to potential access issues to safety concerns–rooftop units can be a major challenge. Meet the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), commonly known as the drone.

Outfitted with a variety of payloads – like thermal cameras, the job of the inspector is…

Heat pumps–maximum comfort and minimum costs

Apr 03 2018Business DevelopmentNewsTechnology

Upgrading an existing heat pump or installing a heat pump as part of a new construction project will help increase comfort for occupants and the value of commercial spaces. And, your local utilities may offer up to $1,000 per unit for qualifying heat pump upgrades in commercial buildings!

Upgraded heat pumps must be in an existing or new construction building and have electric heat. Buildings…

How do you sell efficiency?

Mar 26 2018Business DevelopmentNewsTechnology

Check out Air Northwest’s 5 tips for selling commercial HVAC equipment. 

Interested in this free resource? Download a copy or email us here and we’ll mail copies to you.

Connected Thermostats - Market Update

Feb 15 2018Business DevelopmentNewsTechnology

If you are looking to sharpen your competitive edge in 2018, there’s no better technology to brush up on than connected thermostats. Berg Insight, a market research firm, identified a 64% growth in connected thermostats in 2017, and expects a 50% annual growth through 2021. And while…

Will the New Tax Law Affect the HVAC Business?

Jan 16 2018Business DevelopmentNewsTechnology

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, signed into law on December 22, 2017, made several changes for small business owners and possible deductions. While most of the changes may not directly address the HVAC business or energy efficiency in general, one provision relating to asset expensing raised commercial business deductions for HVAC systems up to $1,000,000. Lowell Ungar at American Council for…

Start the New Year Off Right

Jan 16 2018Business DevelopmentNewsTechnology

This year, remind customers the high cost of doing nothing. By helping a customer with HVAC upgrades and identifying utility incentives, you'll move from a service provider to a trusted partner. Everyone wins.

 Here are a few HVAC sales tips to keep in mind: 

1.     Ensure success-…

Optimize Energy Use this Holiday Season

Dec 14 2017Business DevelopmentNewsTechnology


Are you working with a commercial building that has regular schedules set well in advance? Does the facility have a consistent load throughout the work week? A connected thermostat can help control temperatures and significantly reduce energy usage in commercial buildings. 

Connected Thermostat…

Ductless Heat Pumps

Nov 13 2017Business DevelopmentNewsTechnology

As Fall weather bears down on the Northwest, not is a great time to invest in ductless technology. 
Ductless Heat Pumps allow the user to control each heating and cooling zone independently, achieving about 25% greater efficiency than central air systems. Unlike standard electric heaters, which create their own heat, ductless systems pull existing heat from the surrounding air and use…

VRF Systems at AESP

Oct 11 2017Business DevelopmentNewsTechnology

On August 31st, Ian Metzger from Lockheed Martin Energy presented research findings on behalf of BPA and Air Northwest at the Association of Energy Services Professionals summer conference in Toronto, Canada. The presentation discussed findings from the Air Northwest Industry Input Report: Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems for Commercial Buildings, and was grouped in a session titled Tech Talks:…