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Drive down consumption with variable frequency drives on air handling unit fans

Posted By AirNW Admin Jun 09 2017 News, Technology

Your local utility may offer up to $300 per horsepower for qualifying variable frequency drives (VFD) on air handling unit (AHU) fan installations. Adding a VFD on a constant speed AHU fan allows the drive to match the amount of energy the motor needs for the amount of work that is being done. As the fan slows down, it draws less power than at constant speed, resulting in energy savings. This allows…

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) & Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Basics

Posted By AirNW Admin Jun 02 2017 News

Join your local public power utilities and Air Northwest for a free breakfast and learn about Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) basics. The event is in Seattle on June 13th at 8:30AM. 

HRV is an energy recovery ventilation systems that provides fresh air and improved climate control, while also saving energy by reducing heating (and cooling)…

Team Updates

Posted By AirNW Admin May 19 2017 News

As Antonija Krizanac transitions out of her role at Air Northwest, we would like to introduce Bianca Sloma as the new Air Northwest Program Manager. Bianca has managed a variety of energy management programs over the past 10 years and is a great asset to the Air Allies. Bianca’s highlights include leading more than 10 start-up and transition teams for large scale commercial, industrial, and residential…

Advanced Rooftop Controllers Tool

Posted By AirNW Admin May 19 2017 News

Local utilities are providing retrofit incentives for Advanced Rooftop Controllers (ARC) and Air NW has a new tool to help drive the sales.

ARCs are applied to single zone rooftop systems with constant speed fans to modulate the fan speed.  Most commercial buildings are over-ventilated because the constant speed fans are set to run when the building is supposed to be occupied regardless…

Join Air Northwest at Flathead Electric for a PTCS Training!

Posted By AirNW Admin Apr 12 2017 News

Join Air Northwest on May 12th at Flathead Electric for a PTCS heat pump training. If you would like to learn more about BPA's residential offerings, visit the program page by clicking on this link.



What About ARC?

Posted By AirNW Admin Feb 01 2017 Technology

What do you do when you encounter a rooftop unit (RTU) that is wasting energy but not yet at the end of its life cycle? Do you replace the RTU with a new one or do you explore other energy efficient options, such as a controls? In this post we will discuss that second option, controls, specifically Advanced Rooftop Unit Controls (ARC).

Advanced Rooftop Unit Controls


Welcome to our blog!

Posted By AirNW Admin Feb 01 2017 Business Development

Welcome to Air Northwest’s refreshed website! Based on the feedback you gave us, we have been working hard on creating this website for you so that it will be a resource that you will come back to time after time.

Working with utilities can be easy, but it can also feel like a big hurdle. We understand. And we’re here to help you succeed. On the site, you will find commercial HVAC incentive…